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How do we join the team?

In order to be a part of the UK Rodeo team, you must be a full time student at UK with a GPA of 2.5 or greater. In order to compete you must pay team dues and if you choose to partake in NIRA, you will need to pay those dues.

What NIRA region does the team compete in?

We are a part of the Ozark Region!

Are team members required to have their own horse?

In order to compete in events other than rough stock, you are required to own or lease a horse. Neither the team nor UK is able to provide horses for team members at this time. Ropers are able to participate in practices without having a horse, however, barrel racers will have to have their own horse to practice. However, there are many events during the semester where team members can participate without owning a horse! 

Does the team, or does UK, give out scholarships?

Neither the team nor UK gives out team-specific scholarships at this time. UK does have scholarship opportunities that are college and/or major-specific. 

Where does the team practice and board?


Practices are held at Coach Sean Callero's ranch other wise known as Shadow Hills Ranch. These horses can be boarded wherever the owner prefers and can be hauled in for practices*. 

Barrel Racing & Roughstock: 

Practices are held at K Bar C Ranch in Wilmore, KY which is ran by Coach Kelly's and her family. It is encouraged that barrel racers board here out of convenience, but again, horses can be boarded wherever and hauled in for practices*. 

*Any horse coming to either property must have a current Coggins record, a travel certificate, and either a strangles vaccination or positive titer test. 

How often do team members practice?

Roping & Roughstock:

Members practice once a week with coaches present. 

Barrel Racing: There are two practices per week: one for members that are actively competing in NIRA rodeos, and one for green horses and/or new riders. These practices are held on different days and competing members are required to attend both practices, but only one practice is required for non-competing members. 

Click HERE for a list of local businesses, shippers, professionals, and more that are recommended by our team members!

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